Library - State Bank of Pakistan


A Panoramic View of the Ground Floor of SBP Library

Established in 1949, SBP Library is ranked amongst the best libraries of Pakistan in terms of size and quality of collections, range of services and facilities for the patrons. Besides providing knowledge support to various functions of SBP, it also caters to the information and research requirements of the banking and business community in Pakistan. It serves over 5000 registered members representing SBP, commercial banks, public and private firms, insurance companies, brokerage houses, media, and numerous business schools.

At the time of its inception, the Library was housed at the old Victorian-Styled State Bank of Pakistan Building (presently Supreme Court Registry Office) situated opposite to Shaheen Complex at the crossing of I.I. Chundrigar Road (formerly Macleod Road) and M.R. Kayani Road. With the inauguration of new State Bank Building at I.I. Chundrigar Road in 1961, Library was shifted to its 5th floor and remained there until 1995 when due to space constraints it was moved to an adjacent building that was originally constructed for Imperial Reserve Bank of India. On 22nd November 2005, Library witnessed its third time shifting to the Bank Annexe specifically remodeled and renovated for the purpose of establishing a Learning Resource Centre (LRC). The ground and first floors of LRC building are presently occupied by the Library.

A Panoramic View of the First Floor of SBP Library

Library maintains a variety of information resources for its patrons including books, technical reports, journals, magazines, newspapers, CDs/DVDs, and online databases. Being the library of a central bank, the major focus of collection development remains on the subjects of economics, banking, finance, and commerce. However, literature on other auxiliary disciplines such as information technology, law, statistics, and management as well as on disciplines of general interest like philosophy, religion, politics, literature, history, and biographies, etc. is also adequately maintained.